5 things you never know about a neck gaiter


UV+ Neck Gaiter Feeling

  I have more confidence on our mutifinctional neck gaiter after 10 
days self testing on highland trip. Its UPF50+ UV resistent Level, Fast dry feature and 12+ Ways wearing methods,perfect for travel or ourdoor activity . 

    We have been production neck gaiter for years ,  to be honestly i don't have many chance to using them in our daily working in office.And know some techich information on paper or in text, but what is the really difference when using them ? how do our final clients feeling when they wearing our products , i believe most sales unable telling before they really using them in daily life
     The products i am wearing during holiday is Lycra UPF50+ Bandana, it is weave 95% polyester and 5% spandex , with hight density weaving way to make the material feeling smooth and heavy.  Very comfortable when wearing it to cover your face and neck,  following are 3 main reasons i feeling good about the products.


 UV+ standard multifunctional neck gaiter

 UV+ standard multifunctional neck gaiter



1.A  UPF50+ Level UV resistent neckgaiter,UV +  mutifunction bandana 

    as you know, the sunshine could killing you if you don't know protect the skin when explosed outside.  The sunshine on your skin just like a knife cutting your skin slowly. That is why you saw a lot peoples was burnt and become red skin after travel . My skin did not feeling burn when wearing the Lycra Neck gaiter , and even after whole day explosed outdoor , still good .
 2. A Moisturizing neckgaiter

    The function was found the first time after i wearing the UV +  neckgaiter few days . Let me share you how it is . One day we back from desert , and everybody lip were Dry crack without me . And since i was wearing the Lycrea bandana all the time during the day, and instead they are wearing N95 face mask. And the tips is make your lycra in wet condition before wear it on .
3.A Soft and Breathing friendly Neckgaiter or bandana

    The neckgaiter is spendex and skin friendly soft .  You don't even realized you were wearing sometime on your neck or your face . whatever you want to cover face , just keep the gaiter on your neck, that is it . Breathing friendly when you want your Lycra neckgaiter to be a face cover.  Perfect for long time wearing.

 4. A careless neckgaiter fast dry neck gaiter
    A easy care feature is one of the most importance things to be a good travel products, as we don't have enought time , place or equiments to handle one thing like we did at home . The Lycra neck gaiter is super fast dry products, It is totally dry overnight after washing the neck gaiter in any tempreture water after you back from outdoor.  So all you need to do is wash it , unfold the neckgaiter , then go to sleep. 

5. A reuseable neck gaiter with cheap cost
    Compare to some regular products you could found on markets, Lycra material is definitely more durable wearing , and also better on printing finish as well
OK , aboved are the most 5 things that i want to share with you , if you like our lycra bandana, please contact us now

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