5 ways to know good towel ??
How to Distinguish a good towel ??
Looks: Look at the appearance, the color of a good towel is softer and brighter. Regardless of whether it has a pattern or not, as long as the craftsmanship and coloring are exquisite, it will be bright and clear, and you must not buy the dull color. This kind of towel is poor quality, bad in materials, and not good for health.
good quality towels have no peculiar smell. If there is an obvious pungent smell, it means that the fixing agent (containing formaldehyde) is used, and free formaldehyde is precipitated; if it is smelling a little sour, the pH value may exceed the standard ; If it smell like candles or ammonia, it means that the softener is too much with towel.


color fastness test, and the degree of color fastness is tested by soaking. It is normal for towels to fade. High-quality towels generally use reactive dye dyeing technology. During the coloring process, some dyes are combined with fibers, and some dyes are hy-drolyzed. , It is only adsorbed on the surface of the fiber, so there will be decolorization in the first washing, which is inevitable, but if the color still fades after washing for many times, it can only prove that the dye is unqualified or the dyeing process is incorrect, which is the product is not up to standard. This product must not be purchased.
Touch the hand, high-quality towels are fluffy and soft. Towels are elastic in the hand, soft and comfortable on the face, but not slippery. Some towels are slippery due to the addition of too much softener. A small amount of softener can make the towel soft, but too much addition will make the towel feel soft. Reduce the water absorption of towels, which will seriously affect the skin.
dripping test, high-quality towels have better water absorption, good towels will absorb instantly after contact with water, but towels with poor texture will form water droplets that are not easy to penetrate. This happens because towels contain a lot of softeners. This kind of towels is extremely harmful to the body. It may clog the fine pores of our skin and affect our metabolism. If they use inferior softeners, the harm to the human body will be even greater.
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