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Custom Lanyards
Custom lanyards are practical and useful giveaways for any business event. Available in multiple colors and styles, shop promotional lanyards personalized with your logo or message. Buy wholesale lanyard sand save with our Guaranteed Low Prices!

Custom Lanyards

Personalized Lanyards Printed with Your Logo

Custom lanyards are practical and useful giveaways for any business event. Available in multiple colors and styles, shop promotional lanyards personalized with your logo or message. Buy wholesale lanyards and save with our Guaranteed Low Prices from fastprintstar.com

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Custom Made Lanyards In Bulk At Affordable Rates

Lanyards are affordable promotional items used across a variety of disciplines. Ideal for sports games, corporate functions and educational events alike, these small branded items can make a big impact.

Whatever message you want to send out into the world, these lanyards have plenty of space for you to make your mark. They are one of the most affordable merchandise items on the market. This means you can build brand awareness without spending a lot on marketing.

Although many people wouldn't recognize a lanyard by name, we've all seen them being worn during a charity run or at a clothing store. Their impact is two-fold: firstly, they are comfortable to wear and easy to customize according to style and business type; secondly, they can be used to hang keys or display name cards and ID badge.

Polyester lanyard applications:

The uses for our custom-made, personalized lanyards are practically endless. Whether you're running a business, promoting a charity or hosting a corporate function, these low-key accessories are suitable for both one-off events and daily use. Here are some popular uses for our lanyards:

Educational use

Printed Lanyards are frequently used in colleges and universities to differentiate between students and staff, particularly in higher education settings. With our O-ring attachments, you can attach visitor cards, staff IDs and student cards easily. Our snap-buckle release means you can switch between ID cards and reuse your lanyards time and time again. Wearing your school's name around their necks will help both employees and students identify as part of a community, stating clearly who works there and who doesn't.

Business functions

Perhaps you're hosting a business function and you want attendees to be able to come and go as they choose. If so, branded lanyards will make everybody feel included in the event, allowing guests and speakers to show themselves back in by presenting the ID around their necks. You could also attach name tags to make it easier for people to network, especially during training sessions or team-building exercises.

Corporate giveaways

Many people choose to store their keys on breakaway lanyards so they don't lose them when they are away from home. Similarly, some skateboarders and sports players attach their keys on lanyards with safety breakaway to a chain in their pocket.

This means there are numerous opportunities for you to create brand exposure. Simply choose the color and material of your lanyard,upload your logo and let us do the rest.

The result is affordable giveaways that can be used repeatedly, creating multiple impressions on your target audience or potential customers.

Retail Branding

If you work in a retail store, you'll know the importance of branding. When a customer walks through your doors, they want to know who you are and what you sell before they even think about making a purchase. Therefore, your branding needs to appeal to your target market, and it needs to be clearly visible for all to see.

Of course, one way to do this is to display brand posters and signage, but you shouldn't underestimate the impact of smaller details and how customers appreciate the extra mile. Friendly staff wearing branded uniforms and lanyards sets the right impression from the offset; it shows they are proud to work for your company, and that they are professional in their roles. Plus, they will have a handy place to store their locker key, electronic fob or access cards.

Sporting events

Lanyards provide an easy way for you to showcase your name or runner number during a charity run or sports event. They can be worn comfortably and easily around the neck, and they won't impact your performance. This is great for companies who sponsor games or charity events, as it creates exposure and allows people to make positive associations with.

Custom lanyard materials

Our custom lanyards are made using the highest quality materials for comfort and durability. This means, no matter what you use your lanyards for, you know they will last. Here are some of the materials we use in the creation of our lanyards:

Metal: Strong and durable to make our clips and fastenings reliable and sturdy.

Plastic: Affordable, colorful and fun. We use high-quality plastic that's fully recyclable and BPA-free wherever possible.

Polyester: Our shoulder straps are made from comfortable polyester fabrics for extreme comfort and durability.

Velcro fastenings are convenient. They make it easy to put on and take off your lanyard. At the same time, the fastenings are strong enough to hold the lanyard securely in place.

Flexible elastic: The elastic in our shoulder straps means they can be stretched and pulled over your head easily, without damage to the design.

Leather: Our leather lanyards are a sophisticated choice well suited to award winners or upmarket corporate events. They can be debossed with logo or text to reflect your brand or personal message.

Custom lanyard styles and designs

We offer a large selection of lanyards and badge holders. You can choose from clips, bulldog rings, or plastic pouches. These will meet your business or personal needs. Our sturdy metal clips make it easy for you to attach keys, ID cards and badges, while our colorful designs encourage you to create a truly stand-out promotional item.

Some of our most popular features include:

Breakaway swivel clips: Ideal for taking your lanyard on and off easily.

Rubber ring attachments: Intended for those occasions where metal isn't appropriate, such as going through airport security or for anyone with a nickel allergy.

Retractable badge reels: Suited for those with name badges or ID cards with card holders.

LED color lights: Perfect for parties and late-night events.

Water bottle holder: A smart sports accessory, our lanyards with water bottle attachments are ideal for anyone who wants to stay hydrated while still having their hands free.

Customization options

Our online design lab is easy to use; all you need to do is select the lanyard of your choice and get customizing.There is plenty of space to display your logo, image or text, and you can choose from either full-color printing or debossing depending on the material you choose.

We also offer a range of lanyard attachments that can be used to further customize your lanyards, such as rubber ring attachments, retractable badge reels, LED color lights and even water bottle holders. These attachments are perfect for all sorts of occasions, from going through airport security to attending a late-night party.

And with our online design lab, you can easily customize your lanyards with your logo, image or text – with either full-color printing or debossing.

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