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Custom Your Own Neck Gaiter, Bandanas Or Snoods

By Yourdyesub March 15th, 2023 35 views
Custom Your Own Neck Gaiter, Bandanas Or Snoods,yourdyesub.com
Custom Neck Gaiter

Yourdyesub.com is a professional manufacturer for custom neck gaiter.
Our perfect quality and innovation have helped a lots clients business growing to the next level.
Tube neck gaiter is made from 100% polyester that with moisture wicking, comfortable to wear,
and easy to printed by full-color sublimation printing.
Yourdyesub.com offer and perfect customer service with fast reply, no minimum orders, free shipping,
offer free design service. 
High quality and reliability supplier.
There is more than 12+ ways to wearing tube bandanas:
  • Face mask
  • Headband
  • Caps on top of your head
  • Sweatband
  • Face Covers
  • Custom printed Neck Gaiters
  • Balavanca - pull it up to cover your face

How to choose a right material for your seamless neck gaiter ?

what is minimum order quantity ?

We have many different functional material to choose from to making smealess tube bandanas.

a. polyester (Best seller and the most economic choice) Custom Neck Gaiter
b. Coolmax - fast dry and
RPET - made from recycled bottles, eco-friendly option.
UV tube bandana - UPF 50+ UV resistAnce
fleece neck gaiters - Adding a fleece section to keep neck gaiter warm
Classic Polyester Neck Gaiter
CoolMax Bandana
Eco-friendly Neck Gaiter
Neck Gaiter Face Covering Scarf Anti UV -Dust
Fleece Neck Warmer Neck Gaiter Thick Thermal
a.POLYESTER Bandana b.Coolmax Bandana c.RPET Bandana d.UV tube bandana e.FLEECE Bandana
You can customize your own buff neck gaiter even from 1 pcs, the minimum order quantity is one 1pcs.
Design your own. Custom design ideas.

With our gaiter and your unique ideas, the jacket design options are endless. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for customizing tube neck gaiter!
 · Promote your brand
with your signature
logo or tagline
· Make fundraising neck
gaiter to support your
non-profit’s next
· Equip your team with
nice neck gaiter showing
off your brand colors and
logo design
· Company branded neck
gaiter advertising your
brand, even on the
coldest day

Following are few logo or phase place way for your easy study. Anyway, a suggested logo size to be small and full size of the neck gaiter.
A-001 A-002 A-003 A-004 A-005 A-006 A-007 A-008 A-009


 As there is more than 12+ ways wearing ways for the neck gaiter, so the logo would be always being show up when wearing, so small logo with repeating printing is a suitable printing position.
If you don't have artwork or you have no idea on your custom design, no worried and just pass us your logo or phase thatyou want to print on, than our designer will get the rest of job done in 30 minutes. 
In yourdyesub.com you can get your fast neck gaiter with your own design in 7 days.
Fleece Neck Warmer Neck Gaiter Thick Thermal
· Or you could download our artwrok termplate here.
· All parcels will send by FEDex international.
· Choose from our stock design.
· Digital Sublimated Printing on your bandana.
We do prepare some stock designs that ready to ship if you want just some common .
standard carrier, black bandana, white bandana, comflague bandana, skull bandana, fish bandana, flag design bandana.

Yourdyesub.com using digital printing for all customize neck gaiters. When we have your artwork approved that we start printing your design artwork on special sublimate paper by using special digital CMYK ink. 
The images on sublimated paper would transfer to material surface in the heat-transfer machine where the tempreture would up to 200 degree or even more. 
The printing way easy and fast suitable for small quantity order while low cost during production process. 
Moreover, the printing technology is almost able to printing anything including family picture, colorful draw, and sublimation- printing will never fade away in color even after wash. 
Another good point is, the printing colors could be under control and matching PANTON color well.
That means you could just easily tell us your color from PANTON BOOK, and we doing exactly same color of clients request to avoid color difference.

Quality Control process to make sure high quality of products.

We have very strictly procedure to ensure our 100% satisfy our client.
 Remake or refund is our return policy, so if you or your client complaint any quality issue would lead us refund or remake products to you.

We make physical sample for all customize orders, and take picture to get email approval

close details of logo  logo match with PANTONE BOOK beside (1 color with 1 picture)
front side of the neck gaiter  back front side of the neck gaiter
Benefit from our strictly process on quality control that we selling many productsall over
the world, and our products and service have help our clients business growing as well .

So what are you waiting for? Place your bulk customized bandana order with

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