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Top 10 Best-Selling Lanyards From Yourdyesub.Com

By yourdyesub.com September 6th, 2022 28 views
Top 10 Best-Selling Lanyards From Yourdyesub.Com,yourdyesub.com
If you are a custom lanyard wholesaler, then you should have the stock of the best lanyard collection to offer your customers. However, finding the best-personalized lanyard can be a challenge in itself since sometimes the prices are too high while at others, the quality is compromised.
However, you have got lucky to land here as we have the top 10 best-selling custom lanyard collections to offer you at Yourdyesub.com
So shall we unravel what we have to offer? Following the top best-selling personalized lanyard collection.

Top 10 Best-Selling Lanyard


 1.Sublimation Lanyard
Dye sublimation is the latest trend that has caught everyone who is interested in getting personalized lanyards.

Custom Sublimation Lanyard

2.Flat Polyester Lanyard

Polyester makes one of the best choices for lanyard manufacturing.

Custom flat polyester lanyard

At yourdyesub.com, we use edge-to-edge super printing technology that fast production of the lanyard in less than a week for bulk orders.

A process of dye sublimation is used while manufacturing the lanyards. It involves the vaporization of waterproof ink that leaves the visuals on the lanyard leaving behind a sublimated lanyard.

As a wholesaler, you can get customized lanyards in bulk to offer to your targeted clients. We offer high-quality sublimation lanyards that will last you for as long as you need them to.
The reason being is that it can be made in any preferred color is a cheap option that will be ideal for bulk orders, and can hold any visual, be it text or logos.  The best part, however, will be the high quality that the flat polyester lanyard has to offer.

At yourdyesub.com, we use silkscreen printing on the polyester lanyard for imprinting the visuals. The stenciling method is used where design is transferred with the help of a mesh screen, ink, and a rubber blade.

Polyester lanyards are the best way to offer your customers a high-quality lanyard without asking them to pay you a lot.

3.Tubular Lanyard

The tubular word comes from the tube; hence, it's also called a tube lanyard. 

Custom tubular lanyard

4.Woven Lanyard With Logo

A woven lanyard is a very unique lanyard in which the design is not imprinted, but the text or the logo is sewn directly into the woven.

Woven Lanyard With Logo

They are another preferred style by the clients, and therefore, you should think about stocking it up for your clients. It is affordable, and the fact that it is very soft makes it perfect
to be worn all day long.

They are very much similar to polyester lanyards made from the same material.

But the key difference is those tubular lanyards are loosely stitched, forming a tube and crimped at the end.

They also make up for the practical purchasing since they are a low-cost option but a durable one that lasts long.
It automatically uplifts the quality of the lanyard. If you want to offer this to your customers, the good news is that you are not bound to purchase it in heavy amounts, but you can order as much as you want.
The minimum order quantity is none for the woven lanyard at yourdyesub because they are highly customized and made to order.

The best part about woven lanyards is that they leave no room for worries regarding the fading of imprinting and the design. In fact, they are a very durable option.

Woven lanyards might become an expensive option when purchased in bulk, so they are not an ideal option for throwaways and events that need lanyards for a few hours or just some days. They make a good choice, however, for the businesses that require the employees to wear lanyards because of their durability.

At yourdyesub, you can get the woven lanyard with the logo designed on it to highlight it. Get the logo all the attention!

 5.Woven Lanyard With A Jacquard Logo
This is similar to the previous type of our top best-selling lanyard except for the difference in the logo.

Woven Lanyard With A Jacquard Logo

6.Nylon Lanyards

Nylon is yet another low-cost yet durable choice when it comes to using a good quality material option.

custom nylon lanyard with screen printing

They are, again, very durable, of high quality, and offer the best value to the customers for every penny.

Previously, the logo was also made of wool. In this case, the logo is made of jacquard material. Jacquard logos are opposite on both sides.

If you want to offer your clients something out of the box, lanyards that stand out, then this is what you are looking for.

Nylon lanyards give a smooth overall look and don't cost heavily on the pocket. It is glossy, and they have a little crispness to the material, which ensures that the lanyard looks solid when worn around the neck.

If you choose us, at yourdyesub, we offer you two options that you can go ahead with for the imprint of the design on the lanyard.
The first one is silkscreen printing, where a stencil is used along with the mesh fabric for the imprinting of the design.
The second is sublimation printing which uses high-edge printing technology.

Both of the options work well on nylon lanyards.
custom nylon lanyard with screen printing

7.Eco-Friendly Lanyard
The word eco-friendly material might not give a very high-quality image in your mind, but that's not the case. 

Custom Eco-friendly lanyard, RPET Lanyard


8.Plain Flat Polyester Lanyard

for throwaway events,If you are looking to offer your customers the cheapest option for lanyards for one-time wear, plain flat polyester lanyards make the best choice.

Cheap Plain Flat Polyester lanyards with screen printing

You can get your eco-friendly lanyard from yourdyesub in every color and with the minimum order quantity to be as less as 20pcs.
Our lanyards are made from recycled polyester and plastic bottles, and for designing them, either silkscreen printing or sublimation printing is used.

If you are dealing with companies who are advocators of sustainability and voice their opinion regarding eco-friendly products, then the best way to win them over and choose you as their lanyard wholesale is by offering eco-friendly lanyards.

The reason why you should be stocking up on this top seller lanyard is the fact alone that many companies are now being mindful of their actions, and lanyards are the first thing that is noticed they ensure to make a green change in that as well.
A plain flat polyester lanyard can be purchased in bulk in every color. Also, you can get it imprinted with the designs; the action will be completed using silkscreen printing.

They are ideal to be purchased in bulk, and they are low-cost. However, if you choose yourdyesub, then you will notice that despite being lowly priced, the quality of the product is not compromised.

 9.Medal Lanyard

If you thought we would stop with our lanyard collection, then you were wrong.
We still have so much to offer. And among many options, one is a medal lanyard.

As a customized lanyard wholesale, the lanyards that you offer should be of high quality, and medals are always awarded for appreciation and to honor a particular person. 

In this case, if you choose us for your bulk lanyard order, 
you will get a high-quality medal lanyard, and your clients will not be disappointed in you.

Medal Lanyard
A shining Medal


10.Dog Leash

And there goes our last but not the least top-selling lanyard- the dog leash
Offering your customers our high-quality,
durable leash will ensure that you convincethem to always choose you over your competitors.

Many dog owners like to accessorize their dogs with the cutest and prettiest of accessories.
And no outlook is complete without an eye-catching leash.

The dog leash that we offer at yourdyesub makes sure that the trachea of your pet is not squeezed, but they are in comfort when wearing it.

Harness 001
Not just that, but it is water-proof which means the dog owners don’t have to take it off every time they plan to give their pet a wash. Lastly, the dog leash that we offer is made up of environmentally friendly quality that won't be irritating to their necks. Also, it will ensure safety. We offer a wide range of dog leash styles; leashes, collars, and harnesses.
Leash 002 Collar 003

YOURDYESUB- your ultimate choice

Now that you know the top-selling lanyard options that we offer. Let's talk about some other reasons why you should choose us.
If you are looking for fast delivery- say within a week, and that too for customized lanyards in bulk, then we will be your go-to option. Along with the fast delivery, we will make certain of the fact that quality is nowhere compromised.
So what are you waiting for? Get your top-selling lanyard bulk order from us now, and
impress your clients.
we offer free shipping on all orders over $50!
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